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About us

Growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs is so easy!

Once we realised how easy it is to grow our own food, we wanted to share our experience and knowledge to make this life accessible to you too!

Welcome to Ajay Baag

An initiative by Ajay Aggarwal, a serial entrepreneur in Retail & E-Commerce Technology space and now associated with a range of start-ups and small ventures in various capacities. Apart from his professional duties he is an activist, gardener, cook and also passionate about societirnment. y and rural spaces.

We grow wide range of herbs, seasonal vegetables and fruits in more than 300 pots on a terrace. Growing your own organic food is not only healthy and gratifying but also enhances the quality of environment we live in and around. This is like growing your own Oxygen as well. We have also done some successful trials of DIY Hydroponics for creating vertical garden in a home.

On top of this when you share your hand grown food with friends and neighborhood it gives a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction of making individual contribution to your own environment.

We use a mix of coco peat, cow-dung manure and composted garden waste. We use bone meal to revitalize the mix on a fortnightly basis. To control the pest I spray my plants with red chilli powder solution once a week. Creating seedlings and procuring cow dung manure can be challenging.

We encourage every citizen to create similar spaces in and around your home to not just have your own food but also have your own clean and healthy environment. If you have the space and the will, you can do this too with very little effort. We believe in sharing our experience and skills with everyone and our dream is that citizens living in urban cities will get inspired to grow their own food and make this world a healthy place.” In case you need help from us or you want us create this for you, please reach out to us.

All About Plants
HAND GROWN: Each plant is carefully nurtured with love & care.
ORGANIC & CHEMICAL FREE: We don't use chemicals. Each plant is nourished with on natural fertilisers
ENVIRONMENT: Grow your own oxygen for healthy living

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